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Top 10 Best Data Recovery Software of 2023

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The use of computers has made office work to be easier especially when dealing with valuable data. It has tried to minimize the use of paperwork as a means of storing data. At times, you might find that the data in your computers get lost without your knowledge or you might even delete the data knowingly. You might want to recover deleted files which might not be easy unless you employ idea of data recovery software. Not all data recovery software shall benefit you but using the best data recovery software of 2023 shall be beneficial.



NO. 1 RecoverXData

Best data recovery software of 2021- NO. 1 RecoverXData

This is the best data recovery software of 2023 that is compatible with windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP. It is capable of recovering lost or deleted data from both internal and external storage devices. Data can be deleted from an internal device such as the internal hard disk. Similarly, it can get lost in external storage devices such as USB drives, SD and CF cards, digital memory cards, etc. where RecoverXData can restore these lost data with ease. It has a friendly interface thus making data retrieval easy. It enables you to scan the drive that you want to recover data from, and also scan from different scenes of your data lost.

RecoverXData Free Download


* It can find the most data among the other data recovery software.
* It has a user-friendly interface.
* It is simple to use thus making data retrieval easy.
* It is compatible with Windows 11/10/8/ 7/XP/Vista.
* Data can be recovered from different storage devices.
* It has search and filter tools that allow you to search for the name of the file that has the data you want to recover or filter the file size, modified time, and format.
* With RecoverXData, you can preview some scanned files and the previewing is totally free.


* You can’t copy things in Preview mode with the trial version.
* Currently, there’s no Mac or Linux version.

More info about how to recover data with the best data recovery software.

NO. 2 PhotoRec


This software is capable of recovering data from digital camera memory. Data from hard disks, CD-ROMs can be recovered easily. It is capable of recovering damaged data from devices without bothering the file system. Lost data from FAT, NTFS, exFAT, HFS+ can be recovered easily.


* It is capable of completely scanning the files that you want to recover data from.
* It is compatible with all operating systems such as Linux, macOS, etc.
* It works well with digital cameras, smartphones, and SD and memory cards.
* It is free to download and use it.


* It recovers all data files automatically including those you didn’t require.
* Its interface is not user-friendly.

NO.3 Recuva


It is the best software that was developed by Piriform and is normally used for windows. It is capable of undeleting data that was marked as deleted. Recuva is capable of recovering lost data in any internal, or external devices, or any random access storage mediums.


* Its interface is straightforward.
* Sensitive files can be securely deleted.
* Files can be previewed first before recovering.
* There is no limitation on the amount of data to be recovered which is also done for free.


* Its developers have abandoned it.
* The capabilities to recover raw photos are limited.

NO. 4 Data Rescue 6

Data Rescue

It is capable of recovering lost data in simple steps. Scanning, recovering, cloning, and creating a recovery drive is easy with the use of Data Rescue 6. It is compatible with Windows and Mac.


* It enables you to recover the data you only desired for.
* It enables you to preview a file before you recover it.
* It is available for both windows and mac.
* Its interface is simple and easy to use.


* In order to scan and recover data, secondary storage media is required.
* The policy has no refund.
* It is costly to use the software.
* Troubleshooting is capable unless you are online.

NO. 5 R-Studio


This software is capable of recovering data that was lost as a result of viruses, malicious attacks, or when an operating system crashes. It is compatible with all windows, Mac and Linux.


* It has a demo version with it.
* A simplified version called R-Undelete is available with the R-Studio.
* Data recovery can be done over a network.
* It is capable of recovering data in multiple operating systems.


* It is expensive to use compared to other software.
* Its interface is not user-friendly.

NO. 6 Easeus Data Recovery Wizard

easeus data recovery wizard

This software has free and paid options. It is compatible with both Windows and macOS. Data can be recovered from any kind of storage device.


* Its interface is user-friendly and has a preview option.
* There is no limitation on the amount of data to be recovered if paid.
* Scanning of data is done faster.
* The quality of recovered data is best.


* It is expensive to use.
* Selecting a specific folder that you wish to scan is not possible.
* It’s not able to filter by file type/format.

NO. 7 Stellar Data Recovery

stellar data recovery

It was developed by Stellar and is used to recover data in Microsoft windows. It enables you to recover data such as deleted documents, emails, photos, videos, etc. from any internal or external storage devices.


* It has a user-friendly interface that uses 3 steps to recover lost data.
* It has a free version that is capable of recovering data to a limit of 1GB.
* Choosing a particular folder to scan is possible.
* It is capable of working with damaged hard drives.
* It is capable of supporting both popular and unpopular formats.


* Its preview feature contains bugs.
* It is slow to conduct deep scanning.
* At times, the results an inconsistent data recovery.
* It has a subscription on it for one to download.



It is a data recovery tool that enables one to conduct a preview before recovering data. It also has a targeted recovery feature which is used to reduce the amount of time used to recover data. The core functionality of this software is free whereas, you can incur additional costs in order to get advanced functionality.


* It has a core functionality that comes for free.
* You do not need to renew any paid package.
* Its interface is user-friendly.


* The software has not been updated since 2016.
* The amount of money you need to pay in order to purchase the software is not clear.
* The version is only compatible with Windows.

NO. 9 Undeletemyfiles Pro


It is compatible with Microsoft Windows and is capable to recover accidentally lost data in any storage device. It is free to download the software.


* It has a free version.
* It has several extra disk tools.
* Recovering data is quick and easy.


* Its development is no longer active.
* Its user interface is outdated due to the abandonment by its developers.
* Recovering less common files is not capable.
* Does not support exFAT disks.

NO. 10 MiniTool Power Data Recovery

minitool power data recovery

This data recovery software has 5 edition modules which include undeleting recovery, damaged partition recovery, lost partition recovery, digital media recovery, and CD/DVD recovery.

All these enable you to recover lost data due to different causes.


* It has a friendly user interface.
* Previewing of deleted files is capable.
* Users can use it at any time.


* It requires a subscription in order to load a previous scan result.
* It has no backup tools.


Recovering deleted data using the best data recovery software of 2023 is very easy. You can employ one in your computers when you lose your data, especially those that allow previewing of data first before recovering. And after the scanning, it’s highly recommended you search, filter, and check the result carefully for the lost data, and once found, recover the data immediately, or it may be overwritten by new data anytime thereafter.

The earlier the data is scanned, the more data will be recovered.

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