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How to Restore Permanently Deleted Videos on Windows?[2023]

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To restore permanently deleted videos, you need some useful data recovery software to scan and help you analyze the remaining data for the deleted video. RecoverXData is the best choice. Here are the detailed steps on how to restore permanently deleted videos on Windows.

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Occasions do happen that your videos get deleted for a reason or another. This is not the end of it as with the aid of RecoverXData data recovery software, you can easily retrieve the deleted videos. This deleted video recovery software makes the recovery easy, and fast, and ensures that the recovered videos are safe.



1. On the location of the deleted videos, you should avoid unnecessary scanning, reading, or writing. Similarly, you should avoid saving or deleting similar files from that location.

2. During the video recovery process, ensure that your computer continues to charge and avoid using it. This is meant to ensure that the computer fully draws its attention to the recovery process which leads to a safe recovery.

3. In cases where the original video is overwritten on the original location, avoid saving the recovered video on that location.


How to restore permanently deleted videos on Windows? The steps are listed below.

1. Install the RecoverXData software.

The first procedure of recovering permanently deleted videos is to install recovery software on your computer. For our case, we provide you with the RecoverXData video recovery software. You have to download the software before installing it. The non-complexity associated with this software makes it preferable even to clients who are new to the recovery tasks. The software works to undelete videos from both external and hard drives, dashcam cards, SD/TF cards, readable storage devices, computers, and recycle bin. It does not work to recover deleted files from CD/DVD/VCD storage devices only.

Download RecoverXData - restore permanently deleted videos

2. Identify the location of the deleted videos.

Once the software is installed, you proceed to launch it. The launching directs you to choose “recovery for deleted data” after which you have to locate the location of the deleted videos.

Choose a location to restore permanently deleted videos

3. Scan the deleted videos.

After the location, you need to scan the deleted videos. This helps to identify and remove any virus that has affected the deleted video. Viruses are always a threat to our videos and they need to be scanned. The RecoverXData software does this scanning faster in less than a minute.

4. Filter, target, and recover the deleted video files.

Upon completion of the scanning by the software, the found videos appear at the right of the window. You are now capable of previewing the files or specifying the original names of the files. Also, the recovery software enables you to check on the number of deleted videos you want to recover. Once you’ve made your decision on the number you want to recover, you can proceed to recover by clicking on the “recover” option. If this option doesn’t work for you, you can do a “deep recovery”.

Filter and target the permanently deleted video


This deleted video recovery software is the best refuge when you are in need. To be always on the safe side, you should ensure that it is installed on your computer. However, to avoid yourself constantly being required to conduct a recovery, you should frequently back up your videos.

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The earlier the data is scanned, the more data will be recovered.

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