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How to Recover Formatted Hard Drive Data?

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How to recover the formatted hard drive data and files? Hard drives are essential storage media for computers, and computer information is stored on hard drive disks. If I accidentally formatted the disk, or after the formatting, I remembered that the data I needed was not saved in advance, can I retrieve the data? The answer is of course. But formatting is different from deleting. It cannot be restored directly from the computer’s Recycle Bin. Instead, it is necessary to rely on some professional data recovery software to find the files that are not completely lost but only become hidden in the disk after the formatting.

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The data recovery software recommended here is RecoverXData Data Recovery Software. It is a very professional data recovery software which supports recovering USB drive, SD card, Recycle Bin Data recovery in many situations with notable features such as previewing before recovery, quick scan lost data, deep scan recovery, etc. It is also very simple to use. In only “three steps”, you can get your lost data from formatted disk.

How to recover the formatted hard drive data and files?

Step 1: Download and install RecoverXData Data Recovery Software;

Please don’t install it into the formatted hard drive disk or partition. Or the original data may be overwritten and could not be recovered any more.

Step 2: Select the recovery mode that suits your situation in the “Scene Mode” to quickly scan the disk data. Here you can choose “Recover for disk format”. And then you can choose the formatted disk and start scanning.

Or if you hope to choose the whole partition or disk directly, you can click on the “Wizard Mode” below to switch, and perform easier operations according to the guidance;

Step 3: When the scanning is completed, find your lost files by file path, file types, or the found deleted files. Switching to preview mode, you can preview if the files are what you want.

Generally speaking, if there is no other operation after the formatting, and if the scanning is performed immediately, the probability of recovering the lost data is very high.

And then, you can tick the found files and click “Recover”.

  • Tips:

1. The earlier you run the free scan, the more chance that you can find your lost data.

2. Don’t install the data recovery software into the source formatted hard drive disk, or the original data may be overwritten.

3. Currently you can preview documents and images lower than 50MB. For files more that 50MB, please recover them first and then check if they are the right ones.

4. If you have problem opening the recovered files, please contact the technical support for help.

That’s the guide for how to recover the formatted hard drive data and files. Found it easy to retrieve formatted hard drive data with this effective data recovery software? Give it a try now and start recovering your lost data from disk formatting.

The earlier the data is scanned, the more data will be recovered.

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