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Dash Cam Video Recovery: How to Recover Videos from Dash Cam?

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A few days ago, one of my friends was suddenly approached by the police and said that he was involved in a traffic accident. But he clearly remembered that there was no violation of the rules. He wanted to prove his innocence through the dash cam, but the data from the dash cam are gone. Are there any ways to help him recover videos from dash cam? Are there any dash cam video recovery tools for help? You can find the answers in this article.

Dash Cam Video Recovery: How to Recover Videos from Dash Cam?

Is it possible to recover videos from dash cam?

Under normal circumstances, the files lost in the dash cam are recoverable. As long as the data is not overwritten, the data in the dash cam’s memory card can be retrieved. But you need to get the help from data recovery  software.

What are the situations that one lost data from the dash cam?

– Formatted the memory card / SD card by mistake;
– Erroneous deletion due to improper operation which caused the video to be accidentally deleted;
– Powered off. When operating the SD card, the video was accidentally lost due to a sudden power failure in the middle;
– Cut error. In the process of cutting the video, the file got lost due to the operation error;

The dash cam data lost in the above situations can be recovered. We can use some professional data recovery software, such as RecoverXData.

How to recover videos from dash cam with dash cam video recovery software?

It’s effective and easy to recover lost videos from dash cam. Just follow the steps below.

Dash Cam Video Recovery: How to Recover Videos from Dash Cam?

1. Connect the Memory card or SD card to your computer.

2. Download and install RecoverXData from the data recovery software official website.

3. Choose “Recovery for flash/memory card” and specify which location to recover the lost video from.

4. Start the scanning.

5. Choose the restored videos you found from  the dash cam memory card and hit “Recover”.

And then you will get the lost dash cam video recovered.


  1. Please don’t install RecoverXData into the memory card where the video was lost. Or the original data may be overwritten.
  2. Please don’t save  the recovered data to the dash cam memory card. Or there might be errors in the process of recovering.
  3. If you can’t find your lost video, you can run a deep scan for a much detailed scanning. It will take a longer time, but it can find more files.

Can the dash cam video be restored if it is overwritten?

If the original data for a lost video is overwritten, it’s hard to recover. The driving recorder uses a loop recording method. When the Memory card/ SD card is full, it will automatically overwrite the previous video. Once the video that has been overwritten, it’s already difficult to recover since the original data is already replaced with new ones. And if you record for a long time, maybe the video has been overwritten many times, and the chance of recovery is even slimmer.

Therefore, when we find that the data of the dash cam is lost, we must stop using the driving recorder immediately. And then take out the SD card as soon as possible, and use the data recovery software to recover videos from  dash cam.

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The earlier the data is scanned, the more data will be recovered.

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