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How to Recover Files from Hard Drives? [with reasons]

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Files on Hard drives are most important to us, but sometimes it happens that we may accidentally delete important photos, docs, and videos. How to recover lost files from hard drives? Are lost files recoverable from Trash Bin, external hard drive, or SD card? The answer is yes. With data recovery software, it’s easy to recover lost files from hard drives. As long as the original file data are not overwritten by other data, the lost files are recoverable.

Why lost files are recoverable?

When we are using computer hard drives, USB drives, external hard drives, or SD cards, they are just like a storehouse with shelves. We store our files or data on the shelves and pick them up from the shelf when we need them. The hard drive will tag the files on the shelves with file name, format, size, location, etc.. In that way,  the next time when we hope to find a specific file, we can easily target the right shelf and get the file.

recover data from hard drive

If we delete the files, some of the data will be deleted and the actual files are still there. And in that case, using some effective data recovery software, you will be able to recover the files from the hard drive or external drive. Here we recommend RecoverXData.

But if the data for the real file is replaced, the file will be lost forever and cannot be recovered anymore. So the earlier you perform the recovery, the more chance that you can recover the lost data.

What’s the difference between hard drive formatting and data deletion as regards data recovery?

To delete the data is to delete the file from the list from the OS. The OS made a deleted tag for the file on the FAT list. While the quick formatting will clear the FAT list. For the deleted files, you can recover them directly from the Recycle bin or by running some options in the OS. But for the formatted files, you cannot find them by yourself.

Both the deleted files and formatted files are able to be recovered with the useful Data Recovery Software, RecoverXData.

* How to recover files from hard drives?

As we know from the above, the deleted or formatted files are recoverable and the easiest way is to recover the deleted or formatted files from a hard drive with RecoverXData Data Recover Software.

Here are the steps you can recover your lost data from the hard drive.

Step 1: Download and install RecoverXData Data Recovery Software. To protect the valuable original data, please don’t install it into the partition where the files were lost, or the original data might be overwritten and could not be recovered anymore.

Step 2: Launch it and choose the scene of your current situation. Or you can press “Wizard Mode” to find the location where you lost your data directly.

Step 3: Press “Start Scan” and wait until the data recovery software completes the scanning. And then you will know what data can be found.

You can preview, or look for the file format to target your lost files.

Step 4: Choose the files you hope to recover and specify a location where you hope to save the found files. And still, please don’t save it back to the location where it’s lost.

And now you get what you lost with RecoverXData, the best data recovery software.

Please note, the best way to keep data is to avoid deleting or formatting the data. And if you accidentally lost data from deletion or hard drive formatting, RecoverXData is always the best choice to recover lost files from hard drives.

The earlier the data is scanned, the more data will be recovered.

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