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How to Recover Deleted Videos from External Hard Drive?

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Can deleted videos be recovered from external hard drives? Reading this guide, you will find to recover deleted videos from external hard drives is easy.

Regular cleaning of external hard drive files is believed to be a thing that many people often do. Because file cleaning can free up more space for the hard disk for storing other files. However, many people will bring themselves a lot of trouble with the cleanup. For example, in the process of cleaning hard disk files, they may accidentally delete data files such as videos and documents. They may also format the corresponding data drive by mistake. At this time, if we accidentally delete some important files or videos by mistake, how can we retrieve them? Can the lost video files be recovered? The following guide will introduce you to the techniques for recovering accidentally deleted video files from external drives with RecoverXData. It’s the most effective video recovery software.

recover videos from external drive

Why deleted videos from external hard drives are recoverable?

For video files deleted by accident on the mobile hard disk, it is usually necessary to use professional data recovery software for help. Because mobile hard drives are often similar to a piece of white paper, if we write data in it, it can be called data storage. But if you delete a video file by mistake, it can be understood as using an eraser to erase the previously written data. But the erased file will still have marks on the paper. The data recovery software is equivalent to write out the accidentally deleted data in accordance with the imprint of the erased texts. The premise is that the deleted data file is not overwritten or lost. If it is overwritten, the data file cannot be recovered anymore.

How to recover deleted videos from external hard drive?

1. Open the software and select the corresponding recovery function according to your needs.

RecoverXData video recovery software

2. Select the location where the original data file was stored. Here you can directly select the external hard drive where the lost video was stored. For example, if you delete the external hard drive, you also need to select it after you inserted it into the computer again. And click “Start Scan” to automatically scan the selected drive.

recovered videos

3. After the scan is over, you can select the files we need to restore in sequence according to the file path or file type. If it is a video, you can directly go to “File type” and go to the right format folder. And then choose the right video by name. If you cannot find the name, you can recover all the videos in the same format. And play them one by one to target the lost video.

Click the “Recover” option, you can retrieve the lost video files.

Now your deleted videos are recovered from the external hard drive. With the professional data recovery software, RecoverXData, it’s easy and effective to recover your deleted videos. And when data is deleted by mistake, in order to avoid data overwriting or loss, it is necessary to promptly stop reading, writing, and scanning the disk with lost data.

The earlier the data is scanned, the more data will be recovered.

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