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How to Restore Photos and Videos When the Recycle Bin is Emptied?

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The recycle bin is an independent folder in the computer system. And its main function is to save temporarily deleted files. If a file is deleted from the recycle bin or is deleted by the Shift+Delete key combination, it means that the file has been permanently deleted from the computer. How to restore photos and videos when Recycle Bin is emptied? How to recover if the useful files in the Recycle Bin are deleted by mistake and the files are permanently deleted? Permanent deletion is not the erasure of data. Here is an introduction to the principles and methods of recovery.

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1. What is permanent deletion?

Permanent deletion does not actually erase all traces of the file. Permanent deletion only means that the file identification is deleted from the FAT table (file allocation table). The file data still exists, but the file storage area is marked as free. It will be used and covered by other data. In this case, as long as new data is written, the data of the original file will be overwritten and disappear completely. This is also the reason why we suggest you not to read or write on the disk after the data is deleted before data recovery.

2. How to restore photos and videos deleted permanently?

As mentioned above, data recovery software, RecoverXData can recover data from the traces of the data on the disk. The main steps are as follows:

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Step 1: Download and install the photo and video recovery software, RecoverXData. Launch it and select the recovery mode that suits your situation. And then select the original storage location of the file for a disk Scan and search for documents. If you need to recover deleted video files, it is recommended to click the “Recover for deleted data” mode.

Note: You can try scanning several times if you can’t remember the original storage location, or if the file had been stored in both the disk and Recycle Bin

Step 2: Find your lost files from the scan results, and restore them after checking them. If the number is too large to find, you can search for the file name in the search bar on the upper right corner.

The above is the introduction to the principles and methods of how to recover and restore photos and videos when the recycle bin is emptied. In fact, permanent deletion does not mean the disappearance of data traces. Only low-level formatting can completely erase data traces, and low-level formatting can damage the disk and affect the life of the disk. So when a file is deleted by mistake, whether it is permanently deleted or not, don’t worry, be sure to keep the disk unchanged, and then scan and recover the file through the data recovery software.

The earlier the data is scanned, the more data will be recovered.

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